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GWRRA as a Family

The name hasnít changed but the interactions and role has changed.† The District Director will help in coordinating activities throughout the District to meet Chapter and Members needs and desires.† You focus will be as a Coach.† A Coach, by our definition, is the one who tells you how to do it and where you can get the needed help to get it done well.† The problem-solving approach will be to coach others into a self-discovery after you have shared ideas with them.† Then guide the results.

†The District Director will communicate to all Members in their District through a modified newsletter, email, social media, Facebook, etc. as needed, with activities and some news of the District.† The focus of communication is to encourage


Friends for Fun, Safety and† Knowledge

participation in activities. (see the end of the District section for more information about a modified newsletter)

†Our District Director will have regular (monthly at least) conversations with the Chapter Directors to help keep them focused and to guide them as to where they can get the answers, including from the rest of the District Team.††

†Our District Director will also coach and facilitate their team to be certain that activities are planned and assist as needed when a Team Member needs help.††

†If the District puts on a rally, they will coordinate all of their Team and volunteers to put on a rally focused on fun, socialization, rides and education that fits each Districtís needs.

†Overall, the District Director role is the coordinator of fun, riding, knowledge opportunity and Chapter interaction/socials.

Contact any District Officer listed using the email addresses.


Micky and Marianne Farrington

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Contact Number

(775) 747-7477