Hi this is Chris and Sandy Ward; we are your new Assistant District Directors North. I have been riding motorcycles most of my life to such as Honda’s SL 350 and a 1976 CB 750, Goldwing 1200 and my current bike, a 2009 Goldwing. When Sandy was 16 she fell off the back of a motorcycle and refused to ride ever again until we met and then I convinced her to get on the back of my bike.  However for the first month I could only make right turns until she became confident and then I was able to make left turns also in our journeys. Our first big ride together was to Sturgis two up pulling a trailer in 2013 and she has grown more confident ever since. Because of her new found love of the open road I found the perfect bike to go with her desires and riding capabilities. She now rides a 2014 Can-Am RT automatic and has successfully completed our longest journey to date to Wing Ding 2016.


When I first got our 2009 gold wing I started searching high and low for various forms, groups and organizations for education, knowledge and like-minded enthusiastic individuals. I found and contacted GWRRA for a chapter near us so we could see what it was all about. Because there was no chapter in our city of Yuma we went to the Arizona District rally where we enjoyed ourselves and joined this organization. In 2010 we were contacted by the folks from GWRRA to attend a locale meeting for the establishment of a chapter in our city. A chapter was soon organized and we were asked to be the assistant director and quickly turned into the chapter directors as we formed our new founded chapter AZ-U (Ocean to Ocean Riders) and Charter members. We successfully navigated this chapter for four years until our relocation to the Reno area and our new home with the Sierra Eagles.

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