District Ride Coordinator- An Officer of Rider Education The District Ride Coordinator will plan District rides of all types throughout the year.  Their audience is not only the Chapters but all Members in the District.  Through the use of social media (Facebook, Meet Up, etc.) the Ride Coordinator will establish a calendar of available rides, open to all and open to all bikes.  They will work with the Chapter Ride Coordinators to ensure their rides are included on the District calendar.  If possible, archive all the rides to create a GWRRA Member Electronic and/or print Ride book each year.

 The District Ride Coordinator will be at least a level 3 and a Road Captain.

 The District Ride Coordinator will reach out to all the Members in the District to invite them on rides and work toward inclusion of those who do not regularly participate with a Chapter or the District to have them come out to the rides and possible the Education events.

 The District Ride Coordinator will work together with the District Educator for the benefit of the Rider Education program each following their specific responsibilities.  The District Ride Coordinator will encourage Members toward safety and safe riding techniques.  They will also share with the Members how to participate in the Rider Education Program.

 In addition, the District Educator will work with the District Ride Coordinator and the District University Coordinator to plan at least quarterly Education events.  The Ride Coordinator will create the fun of the ride to the destination and assist the District Educator along with the University Coordinator to plan the education program.  The event should be fun and social with education the theme.  The District Director will support and the District MEP will provide some of the fun activities to be included in the day/weekend event.

 If the District puts on a rally, the Ride Coordinator will suggest ride in routes as well as rides during the rally.  They will also work with the District Educator for the promotion of the Rider 

Contact any District Officer listed using the email addresses. 


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